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“People ignore design that ignores people”— Frank Chimero, Designer


We create services and products to provide added value to our clients through our methodology. We understand the needs of the users, the objectives of our client and we detect the market opportunities by offering the best solution. All of this is done through our own methodology “Discover design“, which enables us to achieve truly differential solutions in a flexible manner.

Through our services, we seek to constantly improve the customer experience as a basis for growth.

We save costs and time on projects. We adopt a model based on continuous experimentation. A collaborative working approach that iterates over and over again on the product perfecting it in each cycle. In an environment of high uncertainty we accompany business projects from idea to launch.

We design simple solutions for complex processes, based on information architecture, interaction design or interface design and aimed at growing your business.



  • Product design
    We guide the solutions to the user, we connect idea and final result, we test each phase of product development.

    We empathise with people
    We define the problem
    We design, build and test

  • Service design
    We connect business and user, improving processes, technologies and interactions through a people-centred perspective.

    We define a Strategy
    We structure
    We manage human resources

  • UX strategy & consulting
    We empathise with our clients to understand their needs and design the best strategy to achieve their goals.

    We create a digital strategy
    We developed a framework
    We innovate and project

  • UI & Design system
    We define some design criteria so that your product is scalable and has an organic growth.

    We Create Interactions
    We provide user centered experiences
    We are fexible, we adapt to the public

  • CX Design
    We create the ideal relationship between customer and brand at all customer contact points throughout the Customer Journey.

    We organise
    We involve your employees
    We get involved

  • Visual design & Branding
    We build your brand by generating value. We define visual guidelines to provide consistency at each point of impact of your product.

    Not just a logo
    Scalable and flexible

  • UI Development & Integration
    We carry out the layout based on the UI design and develop and integrate it into the latest technologies and frameworks on the market.

    Layout by components
    Adapted to different devices
    According to accessibility standards


At Digital Wolves we work with our own methodology in which the end user is the centre of the entire process, maintaining continuous contact with the client. Our ‘Discover Design‘ methodology combines ‘Agile’ methodologies with ‘Design Thinking’, allowing for flexibility and adaptation to the characteristics of each project.

We maintain direct contact with the client at every stage through small deliveries, providing visibility and updates on the project on a daily basis. In this way we ensure a quality product, avoiding modifications in the UI DEV or development period due to a poor initial approach.


The phases

  • 1


    Empathising with the client is essential, as they have key information about specific individuals and groups. We must not remain in the obvious or obvious, it is very important to pay special attention to the clues that provide us with ideas for an effective and innovative design.

  • 2


    Understand the problem and define the solution, as well as knowing who and how the target is. Generate validated knowledge by working on two fronts, client and user.

  • 3


    To think is to put in order all the wonderful ideas that we have generated with clients and users. From this phase we will obtain the conceptual design and an in-depth knowledge of the users; it is the first complete outline of the project.

  • 4


    We assemble what we have learned from the client and the user with the ideas we have generated. Using visual schemes such as Wireframes, the creation of a design system at a more advanced point and interaction design we create testable prototypes for stakeholders and users.

  • 5


    Experimentation is constant, as it is carried out throughout each sprint. At each stage, usability experts propose and execute the appropriate evaluation techniques for each type of project.

  • 6


    The process is finally bearing fruit. The product is delivered or put into production. At this point we accompany the customer and give him support, through training or technical support so that the product is up and running as soon as possible.

  • 7


    Continuous improvement is essential in ‘Discover Design’, a philosophy we believe in and which makes us better and different. It is based on testing the product, evaluating it with users and iterating as many times as necessary until it meets the required level of conformity.

Would you like to grow your business? Let us know. We are willing to help you.