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Being agile is a state of mind


You know what an agile organization is and why it’s important. But figuring out how to carry out an agile transformation is another matter… The question, therefore, is how do we make that transition?

We help you to answer it according to your particular needs and we help you to achieve that transition and adaptation.

Most organizations must undergo a transformation to embrace business Agility

These transformations vary in pace, scope and methodology, but all contain a set of common elements along two main stages.

First, successful transformations begin with an effort to aspire to, design and test the new agile operating model. These elements can occur in any order and often occur in parallel.


  • Agile degree of maturity
    We carry out a complete assessment to determine the degree of maturity of the organization.

    Transformation Sprint
    Agile transformation Roadmpa

  • Capacity Accelerator
    We accompany our clients in the process of creating new capacities to face the transformation agile.

    Agile Team Roles as a Service
    Training itineraries
    Agile Facilitator

  • Agile at Scale
    We accelerate agile scaling through the configuration and management of the highest decision-making body in agile transformation.

    Lean Portfolio Management
    LACE / Processing office
    Lean Change Management
    Agile scaling
    Value Stream Workshop
    Agile financing models
    Values Streams coordination
    KPI/OKR Measuring performance

  • Agile Product Delivery
    We apply the best practices of the different lean-agile frameworks to optimize software development and improve time-to-market and quality.

    Inception Sprint
    Agile Project Management
    Closed Project Management with Agile best practices
    Squad as a Service
    Role as a Service

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