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Innovating digital channels. Shall we work together?


When we talk about digital channels, in Digital Wolves, we do not only talk about the business offer through their websites or having a website to sell services or products, but about a mixed and essential tool to meet the objectives set by each company.

At Channels & Commerce we work on the present and future of a company's relationship with its client.

The need for Multi-channel and its Omnicanality, the definition of Digital Experiences and the definition of Customer Journey, puts in focus the connection between the different channels with the client, so that the process flows without obstacles and in a transparent way.

Today it is no longer the company that defines which is the preferential channel of contact with the customer, it is the customer who defines how he wants his own digital experience to be, his own channels such as a Web portal, an eCommerce, a chatBot, a mobile, an intranet, a B2B portal… moving through them demanding a single experience and a total homogeneous interaction.

Consequently, digital channels allow us to know the audience better and to address them in a much more specific and personalized way, creating unique experiences for each type of customer.


The Channels & Commerce team accompanies our clients in the continuous challenge of digital transformation, helping in the definition and construction of customer-centric digital experiences.

We focus on the areas of Digital Channels, Mobile Applications, Digital Content Mangement, Commerce B2C and B2B, Cloud Applications and Front-end Custom Application solutions.

We rely on the latest technologies, solutions and products, as well as other areas of atSistemas experts who carry out disruptive projects (Blockchain, IOT and BigData).


  • Digital Channels

  • Mobile Applications

  • Commerce B2C and B2B

  • Cloud Applications and Front-end & Custom Application solutions


With the background of digital technologies and the deep understanding of the needs of companies and their customers, we help our clients to create digital solutions or products for the different channels in a unified way.

We are committed to a model that unifies the digital strategy of the business with the technical capacity and solutions.

Our methodology and approach are based on the continuous accompaniment of companies so that together we design creative and innovative digital solutions, creating unique experiences for all channels to provide the best response to the needs of our customers.

We work with all of our clients’ channels (Web portals, mobile, Extranets, Intranets, Front-end applications, B2B & B2C, Call Centres…), using the best architectures, solutions, products and the latest disruptive technologies to optimize and boost the companies’ relationships with their clients, to improve their processes and achieve the goal of maximizing their profits.

Would you like to grow your business? Let us know. We are willing to help you.